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BodySpace brand
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Body Space Slim & Beauty is a global leader in the production of weight loss and body shaping systems using VacuTherm and InfraRed technology. Thanks to the unique approach to beauty care, we have gained a significant position on the Polish and international market.

Our knowledge, experience and commitment allowed us to create and offer reliable and modern – not only in terms of design – slimming devices, which are a breakthrough in the industry.

Our unbeatable offer, which is a guarantee of success, is directed to persons engaged or just starting out in the cosmetics and fitness area, owners of beauty salons, hairdressers, tanning salons, fitness clubs, gyms, wellness clinics, SPA & Wellness, B & Bs and hotels.

As a competent partner, we provide you professional technical advice, warranty and post-warranty service, equipment transport and professional staff training in the field of BodySpace equipment.

Throughout the years of activity in the market, we have managed to develop a unique business model – a figure modeling studio based on modern, unbeatable devices for slimming and fighting against cellulite.

Open your own studio with us and see how simple it is.


Do you want to create a unique place that will meet the needs of a demanding modern client?

You dream about a business that will provide you with:
• realization of a dream?
• job satisfaction
• financial independence?

The decision
was made?

Are you interested in getting to know our offer?

use the form and write us your questions
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Cardio devices – Vacutherm and Infrared
Massage equipment

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Cosmetic devices





Your own
HeathlyBusiness with


We offer a full range of ultra-modern, professional strength devices Body Modeling Studio and Body Building Studio at SUPER ATTRACTIVE prices.

The offer includes over 70 devices dedicated to both women and professional, typically male strength devices to build a bodybuilding figure. Our offer is for everyone – from the existing studio through the equipment of each gym to the offer for distributors.

By opening a Body Modeling Studio or a Body Building Studio, you have the guarantee of SUCCESS and full freedom of action.

BodySpace Slim&Beauty
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