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Everything starts from a Fitness Club idea! We are here to inspire, support in pursuit of goal and help those who want to operate in the slimming business on their own.

If you are taking your first steps in business, then it’s worth making use of our experience. We run our own salons and decided to share our knowledge and insights that can help you choose a suitable business idea. We advise on the things you should pay attention to while starting your own business, on how to create your brand, what costs will have to be covered, and – what is very important – if the business is profitable.

Every day thousands of people decide to get rid of excess weight and orange peel. Contrary to popular belief, the problem of cellulite is not just limited to mature, obese women, but this condition also effects slim teenagers and even children. It has even stopped being a domain of women recently, since more and more frequently the problem affects men. Just imagine this unlimited market where the demand for effective slimming treatment is growing steadily. In order to fill this niche, we help in starting own profitable firms or expanding existing businesses with innovative slimming devices.

The Body Space® devices – are a 100% safe and scientifically proven methods of:

  • elimination of cellulite

  • quick fatty tissue burning (thighs, abdomen, buttocks)*

  • slimming and body contouring*

  • getting rid of excess calories*

  • augmenting the skin’s blood flow (makes it more firm and elastic)

  • improving the physical condition

  • circulation and lymphatic system improvement

  • rapid removal of toxins and harmful substances from the body

  • elimination of the cold feet syndrome

  • well-being improvement

  • triggers the release of happiness hormones during a training session

*the results depend on the individual client’s predisposition



why should you choose us

Why Body Space ?We have a unique product – the latest device for weight loss and body shaping

  1. Guarantee system START what means the consulting support from the beginning and decisions about the business’s operation

  2. We help you choose the right equipment for your studio

  3. Supporting the design of individual passports – sets of treatments tailored to your selected products

  4. We provide training materials and information on the use of business systems

  5. We provide training courses on equipment maintenance and the right training techniques

  6. Lobbying at the main page Body Space Slim & Beauty – Facebook






We provide a proven concept conduct Body shaping.

Body Space Studios is a unique place that offer comprehensive services in the field of weight loss and body shaping.

Thanks to the copyright program which would combine exercise on modern devices with diet, supplementation, and appropriately selected cosmetic care for our customers, it’s a faster and a easier way to achieve your dream figure.

In each of our cooperation the partner receives specialized training introducing the field – customer service, sales techniques (Line Cosmetics Body Space used in the devices, dietary supplements, water and oxygen), dietary counseling and activity in social media. The training is an completed issuance of certificates – permissions to run a Body Space studio.

7 pillars of the concept of Body Space Slim & Beauty

 1. Individual  training program on modern devices

2. The individual diet adapted to a lifestyle supported by appropriate supplementation

3. Analysis of body composition, accurate measurements at every stage

4. Modern cosmetics matched to the individual needs of the skin

5. Modern treatments slimming effective laser hair removal

6. Motivation and support at every stage

7. The system start or consulting support mentor from the beginning of the decisions about business



how to open your own
Body Space Slim & Beauty

Step by Step

In order to professionally prepare yourself for the studio opening, you must take into account a few important aspects, that will facilitate the smooth functioning of the salon and protect you against potential financial loss.


The primary matter to be considered during planning own business is its location. If you have a free spot – use it and make it generate income for you. If you do not have one – we assure you that almost any room would be suitable, e.g. in a hair or beauty studio, standalone pavilion, retail space in a mall, office block or an apartment, which can be adapted to running business.

Premises’ adaptation

If you found a suitable spot, but no-one has yet run a business there, or has – but of a different profile, then a proper premises’ adaptation to the needs of your studio is indispensable. What is necessary for that purpose? A full premises’ documentation must be prepared, including the power connection, sanitary requirements and external advertising conditions.

Car park

In the era of a rapid growth of the number of motorists in the society ensuring parking spaces availability for the salon clients not far from the entrance is an important matter that needs to be determined in your tenancy agreement.


An important issue that impacts the chances of succeeding when starting own fitness club is the choice of its location. The salon should not be located in the immediate vicinity of a gym, that has a very strong reputation and has been operating for years. It will then be doomed to failure and a quick end of its market presence. It is best to locate it in new residential areas, a large city or a town, in which there is no gym yet.


So having discussed the matters concerning premises and financing, further attention should be paid to Body Space Slim & Beauty studio equipment.

In the device – the type and quantity and what brands to equip your studio with?

The selection of the appropriate health and fitness equipment to meet the demand of your clients, and give them the benefits they expect. We discuss this and emphasize, as this is crucial both for people exercising and Salon owner. The efficacy and safety of our devices has been confirmed in clinical studies. Therefore, properly combined they ensure not only great results, but also a high comfort of exercise.

Today’s customers expect to be able to choose the type of exercise, appropriate forms of training to fit their individual needs, so it is worth it to pay special attention to those matters. It is important to be able to offer customers a variety of forms of physical activity such as cycling, walking on the treadmill, stepper or vibrotraining. Cooperating with us you have the opportunity to choose from more than 20 fitness devices, that will satisfy the most demanding customers.

In order to provide the customers with comprehensive services we offer to additionally equip your studio with modern tanning equipment, which due to its popularity will help you to easily attract customers, and thus enable to present them the idea and advantages of Body Space appliances. The devices that are already present on the market have been proved effective and enjoy enormous consumer trust.

Therefore the below listed Body Space system elements should be included in the Fitness Club’s equipment:

  • Body Space Cardio Treadmill

  • Body Space Vacu Therm Treadmill

  • Body Space Vacu Therm Steper

  • Body Space InfraRed Steper

  • Body Space Vacu Therm Recline Bicycle

  • Body Roll Rollmasage device

The essential things that needs to be taken into consideration when deciding on the purchase of our products:

Efficiency and ensuring the desired effects of exercise – optimum devices’ equipment, extensive set of programmes to suit a wide range of clients, from the beginner to the athlete, automatic measurement of pressure allows optimum adjustment of the training program.

Reliability – by fitting the best commercially available components, advanced electronic systems, using durable materials and accessories. The devices, which were produced using the best components will be virtually always operational, and so the studio owner will not lose clients in case of a failure and while equipment is awaiting service.

Business continuity – 24 month warranty on the equipment provides evidence of its reliability and durability, ensuring uninterrupted operation and smooth functioning of the studio.

Modern design – which will attract, interest and meet the needs of all clients.

When selecting equipment one should also read the opinions of people who successfully run this type of business and the opinions of potential customers or people already exercising.


The idea of Body Space Slim & Beauty is to create a place that will satisfy the needs of your customers in a comprehensive way, and thus generate your profits. To minimize your commitment and spend time at the studio we suggest equipping it in a computer control system, allowing you to control the studio’s functioning without leaving home..

The main advantages of the control system are:

  • The ability to control personnel – statistics of earnings of specific periods, the control of goods in stock (sale of other goods – cosmetics, beverages, etc.)

  • Fast calculation of payment for goods and services sold

  • Control the operation of equipment in the tanning or fitness studios through a PC

  • Devices can be reserved in advance by customers

  • Working with card reader – control of devices using smart cards, the possibility to create loyalty programs with the use of smart cards (bonuses given to regular customers)

Computer System is a comprehensive and modern way of running a salon, which includes:

  • PC software with the database

  • Drivers (1 unit per 1 studio)

  • Card reader

  • Extra-large LCD time displays (information for the waiting customers)

Hardware requirement

  • PC with Pentium III 733MHz or faster

  • Memory: 128MB RAM (256MB recommended)

  • Hard disk drive 100MB free disk space

  • Screen resolution: 1024×768 or higher

  • Serial ports (communication): two free USB ports or one USB and one COM port

  • Operating system: Windows 98/ME/ 2000/XP with SP1 or higher (recommended 2000/XP)

  • Others: Internet access recommended


By equipping the studio in Body Space Vacu and InfraRed devices you gain above all the reliability guarantee, efficacy of functioning and many satisfied customers, which contributes to real financial benefits and the company’s success.

Buying our devices you gain in addition:

  • A complete set of tightening belts, a wide range of sizes from XS to XL

  • Full set of professional cosmetics developed by specialists, which are intended for use during exercising on Body-Space devices.

  • Description of the devices functioning, instruction manual, client cards, etc.

  • 24 months warranty

  • Full warranty and post-warranty service

  • Professional staff training on operation of the devices.

  • Support and proven ideas for professional customer service.

We hope that with these few information we have helped you in deciding and planning your Active Weight Loss Studio.

We cordially invite you to a direct contact with our sales department.

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