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Body Space salon is a lifestyle of a modern and beautiful woman of success

Business Ideas For Women 

We offer a complete, proven and supported by the existing Studios BUSINESS IDEA CONCEPT – own BODY SHAPING STUDIO. We provide KNOW HOW, however, unlike competitors working in the franchise model, we do not make the client dependent on our idea of visual identification of the company, we do not impose a specific way of functioning (we do not affect the operation of the salon) and most importantly WE DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN PROFITS and WE DO NOT COLLECT FEES for providing our KNOW HOW.

Innovative devices for slimming and body shaping

Body Space Slim & Beauty is a global leader in the production of weight loss and body shapingof devices..Thanks to the appropriate equipment technology and the right approach to the important factor, which is beauty care, we have achieved a significant position on the domestic and global market. We offer our clients only reliable and modern equipment’s, which are a breakthrough in the fitness and beauty industry.

Body Space Slim & Beauty are the first worldwide Infratrainer Clinic chain, using Infrared Light & Vacuum Technology (PressoTherapy)

We manufacture, sell and deliver unique machines:

Lymphatic massage highest quality machines – Body Roll,

VacuTherm program highest quality machines – Body Space VauTherm Treadmill,  VauTherm Recline Bike, VauTherm Stepper

Noninvasive inch loss, fat reduction with no pain, no needles and no down time by Lipolaser/ HIFU / Cryolipolysis / PressoTherapy/ EMS

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Modern cosmetics and slimming devices straight from the manufacturer

Our unbeatable offer is a guarantee of success. It aims at people running businesses or start-ups in cosmetics and fitness industry, owners of beauty and hair salons, tanning studios, fitness clubs, gyms, SPA & Wellness centres, beauty houses. As the competent partner we provide you with professional technical advice, warranty and non-warranty service and professional staff training on Body-Space devices operation .

Innovative equipment for gyms and beauty salons

BODY SPACE SLIM & BEAUTY is a global concept of body modeling. This is the most efficient and the most comprehensive fitness/wellness model of a studio. Our experience has allowed us to create devices that are unrivalled in their field - they allow effective fat burning and keeping the body in perfect shape. 

If you are looking for an idea for good and most of all tested business you are welcome to join the discussion.

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