Body Space VacuTherm skirt

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We are a manufacturer of the highest quality tightening belts for all types of vacuum equipment: Body Space VacuTherm, Vacu Well, Vacu Line, Vacu Fit, Vacu Step, Studio Figura and many other. 
The belts are made of the best neoprene produced in Europe, with all EU certificates of approval, and they are solid and tight, which guarantees their durability., neoprene thickness: 4 mm, the best zips on the market (YKK), sewing according to technology of diving suit manufacturing, seams of the best thread on the market (AMMAN)

Available size: 

50 - XXXXS
55 - XXXS
60 - XXS
65 - XS
70 - S
75 - M
80 - L
85 - XL

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