Infrared Steper Q1

8 weeks




Body Space InfraRed Steeper uses in its operation the latest, revolutionary technology - InfraRed which repeatedly increase the effects of physical effort and allow to achieve the desired effects in a shorter time (more on the InfraRed method)

Body Space InfraRed Stepper is a device designed to closely simulate walking in a manner congruent with natural human motor activity. It helps to perfectly model the silhouette because during a workout it engages a larger number of muscle groups than other fitness equipment found in fitness centres, not only lower-body muscles such as thighs, buttocks and calves but also chest, back and shoulders. Furthermore, the workout is supported by „InfraRed” infrared technology. This combination guarantees  faster fatty tissue * and cellulite burning , in comparison with traditional aerobic workout.

Infrared rays cause the body not only to excrete water but also fat (20%), cholesterol, heavy metals, acids and toxins, mobilize our defensive capabilities thus stimulating our immune system. Smooth operation and exceptional comfort while exercising on Body Space InfraRed Crosstrainer are ensured by, among others, its robust construction with a powerful flywheel. The electronically controlled resistance is set on a large, easy to read and use, intuitive display. Apart from monitoring standard features such as time, the number of burnt calories and the number of workout repetitions, the computer also checks speed, rev number (cadency), heart rate, temperature and evaluates the user’s performance.


  • elimination of cellulite
  • quick fat burning (thighs, abdomen, buttocks)
  • slimming and body contouring
  • augmenting the skin's blood flow (makes it more firm and elastic)
  • improving the physical condition
  • improving blood and lymph circulation
  • rapid removal of toxins and harmful substances from the body
  • elimination of the cold feet syndrome
  • endorphin release (the so-called happiness hormone) during the workout session
  • rapid removal of toxins and harmful substances from the body as a result of maximally intense sweating
  • improving the condition of the cardiovascular system – increasing the heart rate to a level matching rates found in people performing intense physical exercises
  • analgesic effect - the systemic analgesic effect in injuries treatment and chronic neurological and rheumatoid afflictions therapy
  • delaying the skin ageing process (Anti-ageing) - sensational effects in the process of delaying skin ageing. The collagen production in the skin is stimulated during sessions by infrared radiation.

BODY SPACE INFRARED are open devices, in which the body is subjected to "InfraRed" radiation.   Simultaneously with the InfraRed therapy, an ergometer bicycle,  treadmill or step workout is conducted, which is suitable even for those who avoid physical activity. The parameters of the device (ergometer resistance, the value of the infrared radiation) are computer controlled and set individually for each client.

Infrared radiation has been successfully used in plastic surgery, physiotherapy and rehabilitation for many years. By comparing infrared radiation, they can be divided into three groups IR-A, IR-B and IR-C. IR-A radiation penetrates 40-50 times faster into the skin compared to IR-C and about 10 times faster compared to IR-B. In Vacu Therm devices, special lamps have been used that operate mainly in the IA-A range, subcutaneous tissue and fat tissue from 4 to 5 mm.

Infrared rays cause the body not only to excrete water but also fat (20%), cholesterol, heavy metals, acids and toxins, mobilize our defensive capabilities thus stimulating our immune system.  They help to bind the free radicals, effectively cleaning the body, to remove the subcutaneous adipose tissue and reduce the cellulite; as a result, the skin becomes firm and flexible. What is more, InfraRed has been used to fight obesity, because it instantly warms up the tissues and muscles, simultaneously enhancing the circulation of blood and metabolism. Under heat, the blood flow improves the skin excretes waste and dead cells, thus becoming more firm and smooth. Because of the greater blood flow the cells and tissues are better oxygenated and blood-supplied. Oxygen is more efficiently delivered to the cells. That causes relaxation, diminishes muscular pain and accelerates the healing process. The skin reddens, meaning that the oxygen-rich blood reaches places, which often found it lacking. This method greatly boosts fat tissue burning, cellulite reduction and improves skin appearance. It also ensures the sweating, naturally occurring at 35-45 degrees Celsius, which speeds up the detoxification of the body. Infrared therapy strengthens the immune system and effectively supports the body in its fight with common cold and flu-like infections in their early stages.


The length of Body-Space InfraRed treatment sessions is 30 minutes.


  • InfraRed Lamp Power 3000 W (12 × 250 W)
  • Infrared range: IR-A, IR-B, IR-C- 


  • Flywheel weight: approx. 22 kg.
  • Braking system: electromagnetic.
  • Load adjustment: 25 - 400 Watt (in increments of 5 Watt).
  • Power control: depending on the number of revolutions
  • Step length: 480 mm.
  • Pedals: made in the EXIT Kettler technique.
  • LCD display and colour touch screen
  • Power: 3.2 kW.
  • Power supply: 230V, 50 Hz.
  • Max. weight load: 150 kg.


  • Length: 2360 mm
  • Width: 800 mm
  • Height: 1860 mm
  • Machine weight: 147 kg
  • Material: composite

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