Pressotherapy equipment

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Pressotherapy Equipment 

Pressotherapy  machine  It’s the latest top version between the similar instrument, it can complete body detox massage and foot, shank, thigh, abdomen or hands alone detox massage .Also can be done the entire exercise from open the lymph to lymphatic detoxification, and plus the anthropomorphic design. This is the most important feature of this machine leading in the similar instrument. Supporting 36Volts safety voltage output far infrared to heating, let customers to get a safe, effective and enjoyment, is become an essential equipment for SPA, also become the essential equipment for health, breast enhancement and weight loss program. 

The infrared functions is working with pressotherapy at the same time. It's use the infrared rays heat energy to stimulate it wave circulating around the calf, thigh, and belly in physical method, improve the function of detoxing and drain out the cellulite from up to down.

Main Machine:

  • material: High-end ABS
  • display: 8'LCD human--design interface

Temperature Control Interface:

  • temperature control: arm, stomach, thigh, feet four parts work individual and control individual
  • temperature scope:35-60 degree
  • far infrared treatment

Air pressure Interface:

  • have 9 output control 18 air chambers
  • independent selection and adjustment of the chambers
  • chambers: 18 piece, control pressure more accurate
  • 9 programs: including the advanced technical

Complete Suit:

  • Material: Oxford 
  • With 18 air chambers, 9 outputs. 


  • 2 arms
  • 1 stomach
  • 2 legs
  • 2 feet
  • 1 piece blanket with tubes and cables.
  • Leg and feet part can adjust based on customer’s height


Safety: Handle Emergency stop switch

Output voltage: 36V


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