For healthier, younger skin and body to boost your confidence in the long run

Every day, consumers across the world are in a never-ending search for ideal beauty care solutions to look their best from head to toe. Having established a firm foundation that combines carefully selected ingredients or cutting-edge features into one solution, Body Space Slim & Beauty guarantees premium cosmetic products to enhance your overall beauty regimens.

Sustained Trust

Our mission is to assure our consumers the most premium products when it comes to skincare and non-invasive body shaping solutions. But we don’t just stop caring until customers reach their goals. After experiencing what regimens and treatments Body Space Slim & Beauty has to offer, we also add the finishing touches to keep your skin feeling calm and hydrated and the body light and contoured long after first visit to the clinic, with the added satisfaction of results to come.

Dynamic development and cutting-edge technologies have for years allowed us to be a leading manufacturer of cosmetic equipment

Body Space Slim & Beauty, the leading provider of Professional Salon Equipment, Salon Furniture , Professional Spa and Salon Skincare. To compliment extensive product line we have an innovative range of Beauty Salon, Clinic Furniture and Equipment including: Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Vacuum wit IR therapy, Collagen Anti-Ageing and Permanent Hair Removal machines. We are your number one Anti-Ageing, Professional Beauty Equipment Supplier. We offer an extensive range of Professional Skincare products for Salon, Spa and Clinic use including: Cosmetic Surgery Alternatives, Collagen Face Lift Products, RF Skin Peels, face and body lifting, laser lipolysis, vacuum massage, cryolipolysis, fat-freeze non-surgical procedure for fat-reduction treatment, lipolaser and depilation. Moreover Collagen Anti-Ageing solutions for the Salon, Clinic and Spa. For Nail Bars, Salons and Spas don’t miss our range of Beauty Salon Furniture.

Global Pioneer

We strive to grow our global presence as a model innovator by providing carefully formulated solutions to beauticians and consumers for sustained beauty without limit. Offering you a bespoke service to meet your individual and business needs. Our expertise is here to help you design and formulate a unique cosmetic range or use our ability to match your current product lines. Our efficiency and flexibility allows us to formulate in small, medium and large volumes allowing our customers the best possible chance to introduce new product lines or to extend profitability with an existing range. Based on our offer, one can professionally and comprehensively equip any cosmetic salon. Our appliances are being utilized in most salons throughout Poland. We cooperate with more than 80 wholesalers from all over Poland. Our equipment is exported to over 20 countries in the world, such as UK, Italy, Canada, USA, Russia, Belarus, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic, Australia and the Netherlands.We guarantee high quality of products as well as nice and professional service. You are most welcome to cooperate with us.

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