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The LipoLaser 5Waves device is intended for effective reduction of adipose tissue. Due to the LipoLaser treatments, it is possible to easily slim down selected parts of the body, as well as eliminate cellulite in all areas of the body.

We’re the only brand on the market offering a device that uses several laser wavelengths in order to improve the treatment effectiveness:
230 laser diodes manufactured by the Japanese company Mitsubishi.

Power of the single laser beam: 210 mW

> 8 large pads for all body parts
> 2 small pads intended for small areas, e.g. chin

Wavelength: 650 nm, 780/808 nm, 940/980 nm
Our innovative solution of the synergy of various wavelengths increases the effectiveness of these types of treatments.
They operate at different depths.
> wavelength 650 nm – penetrates the layers of adipose tissue to a depth of 8-10 mm
> wavelength 780/808 nm – penetration to a depth of 10-13 mm
> laser wavelength 940/980 nm – penetration to a depth of 13-16 mm.

How does it work?
LipoLaser 5Waves emits low-level laser energy, which generates a chemical signal in fat cells and breaks down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids as well as glycerol, and then they are released via channels in the cell membranes.
Subsequently, the fatty acids and glycerol are transported to the tissues, which will use them in the scope of metabolism in order to generate energy. This process of fatty acid release is the body’s natural response in the case of a need to use up stored energy reserves, therefore LipoLaser 5Waves treatment does not cause any unnatural reactions in the body, and it does not affect, nor damage the surrounding structures, such as: skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves.
Exercises performed after the treatment allow to ensure appropriate metabolism, and thus to eliminate free fatty acids from the body.


Diode laser wavelength: 650 nm, 780 nm, 808 nm, 940 nm, 980 nm
Output energy: 210 mw for each laser diode
Energy level: 1-15
Pulse Time: 0.1-5s
Delay time: 0-5 s
Treatment time: 1-60 minutes
Number of pads: 10 (8 large, 2 small)
Number of diodes on a large pad: 28 (650 nm x 10, 780 nm x 5, 808 nm x 4, 940 nm x 5, 980 nm x 4)
The diodes are imported from Japan Mitsubishi.
Safety switch located in the central unit.
Dimensions: 52 x 40 x 30 cm
Power supply: 220V / 50
Warranty: 12 months

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