Body Space Slim & Beauty




Synergy of Cardio training & Infrared Technology
30 min
training time
circumference reduction
Quick reduction
of fat tissue
cellulite reduction
Effective elimination
of cellulite
body tightening
& toned skin
Infrared (IR)


The Infra Power Treadmill is recommended for cardio workouts – from intense walking to running and interval training. It’s perfectly suited for the users who want to maintain physical shape, slim their silhouette or improve the function of their cardiovascular system.Designed for: it’s mainly intended for people with contraindications to the use of vacuum technology, as well as for people who want to start more intensive workouts (running, intervals).
BODY SPACE WORKOUT is an undisputed HIT on the global market! A response to the needs of a modern client – effective 30-minute burning. We decided to combine cardio training with vacuum and InfraRed technology in order to activate all the processes necessary to burn fat, fight cellulite and firm your body. It constitutes an undisputed advantage over traditional aerobic training!

INFRARED TECHNOLOGY Our devices use therapeutic and sensitive InfraRed. It causes the improvement of blood circulation and results in the delivery of nutrients even to the smallest capillaries, which is necessary in order to activate regeneration processes in the skin. Furthermore, increased body temperature that results from the impact of InfraRed contributes to quicker and more effective fat burning. In addition, thermal properties of InfraRed also have the analgesic and relaxing effect, so it perfectly relieves tension and eliminates pain occurring in the muscles.

Characteristics of the Philips InfraRed emitters used in our devices..

TECHNICAL DATA:LCD touch screen – displayed functions: START / STOP training time distance adjustable treadmill speed pulse calories InfraRed – ON/OFF with 3-step adjustmentPower of the InfraRed emitters: 12 pieces x Philips InfraRed 150W Power: 4.1 kW Power supply: 230V, 50Hz Treadmill motor: AC, 4HP motor (8HP Peak) Dimensions of the running area: 150×50 cmDevice dimensions: length: 235 cm width: 80 cm height: 180 cmDevice weight: 160 kg Mechanical load of the running belt: 180 kg

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